If you think iPhone intros were crazy, the first ballpoint’s was way wackier!

What was so funny in 1945?

Milton Reynolds introduced the ballpoint to the United States and triggered the biggest single-day shopping riot in history at Gimbels in Manhattan.

He made $5 million in eight weeks during the first non-wartime Christmas season. Then came competition and sales stunts of the “Pen Wars.” An exuberant entrepreneur, Reynolds bragged he “stole it fair and square.” This novel is told from his mild-mannered son Jim’s point of view, about coping with Milton’s outrageous schemes, then their sudden success.

Young adults, particularly males who identify with Jim, will take away…

  • What it was like to start a business when there were no rules (why capitalism can be fun)
  • A book report choice they will actually enjoy (reading or listening to the audiobook)
  • The difference between a huckster’s promise and a lie (they hope you’ll get what you want)
  • How to captivate the girl of your dreams (keep your word)
  • How to step out of your father’s shadow (when he’s larger than life)
  • What makes a grown man get out of bed each morning? (______!)

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