Christmas Karma – A naked Santa?

Does this saguaro cactus look like Santa Claus to you? It didn’t to me until I spent a Christmas in Phoenix.


I lived in Detroit at the time, and I’d always spent the holidays in places where it snowed in December. But one year I had to take a business trip to Arizona to support a senior management conference in Scottsdale. (I think the location had something to do with the big shots wanting to play golf.)

My plane arrived late at night. I didn’t get a good look at the desert landscaping of the hotel grounds until the next morning. When I emerged from my room rubbing my sleepy eyes, straight in front of me was a saguaro cactus wearing a Santa hat. I rubbed my eyes again! I guess to people in that part of the world, a saguaro does look like Santa.

In my humorous novel Christmas Karma, Willa Nawicki gets a series of surprise visits from friends and family – just a week before the holiday and when she’s totally not ready to talk to anyone, much less clean her house. The only decoration on her front porch is a scraggly little potted saguaro in a Santa hat.

So why not let Willa’s story lighten your mood as a break from your holiday tasks?

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Wishing you a light heart this holiday season.

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