Christmas Karma – Who should be sitting here?

Whose is that vacant chair at the holiday table? In Willa’s family, it could have been any of several people. Then some of them show up.


It’s the place set for Elijah during Passover – an open-hearted invitation to the unexpected guest who is nevertheless expected.

In my humorous novel Christmas Karma, Willa Nawicki gets a series of surprise visits from friends and family – just a week before the holiday and when she’s totally not ready to talk to anyone, much less clean her house. She begins to wonder whether the people who show up are bringing her messages – or are they players in some kind of life review for her?

So why not let Willa’s story lighten your mood as a break from your holiday tasks?

During the holidays, buy the Kindle or EPUB for 99 cents. Gift the paperback or download the Audible book to your phone.

Wishing you a light heart this holiday season.

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