Searching for Jonah: Clues in Hebrew and Assyrian History

Searching for Jonah: Clues in Hebrew and Assyrian History

New scholarship on an old, old story

Original research and analysis on the history behind the Bible story by Don E. Jones. With an Afterword and commentary by Gerald Everett Jones.

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Searching for Jonah offers a fresh, eclectic, and indisputably imaginative approach to interpreting one of the most famous stories in all of literature. The author, a lifelong Bible scholar, applies evidence from Hebrew and Assyrian history and etymology, along with scientific and archeological discoveries. The author concludes that Jonah was a state-sponsored evangelist and diplomat, acting on behalf of an official cult in Bethel. He was sent to Nineveh in Assyria to make alliance with a rebel faction that was friendly to Israel. In this he succeeded, and changed history.

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Genres: Ancient, History, Religion
Tags: ancient, biblical archaeology, biblical interpretation, history, philosophy, religion
Publisher: LaPuerta Books and Media
Publication Year: 2012
ISBN: 978172382833
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