Rubber Babes (Rollo Hemphill #2)

Rubber Babes (Rollo Hemphill #2)

Second in this series of satrical misadventures

Who's being paranoid? Sometimes they really are out to get you!

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About the Book

In this hilarious sequel to My Inflatable Friend, clueless tyro Rollo Hemphill continues to fail upward to become the youngest-ever director of a multimillion-dollar charitable foundation. Far too late, he begins to suspect it’s a money laundry for sinister players in the Secret Government who are setting him up to take the fall for an international fraud. But his paranoia becomes most acute when he becomes entangled with a succession of women he calls “rubber babes.” Claiming he was inspired by the satiric novels of Peter De Vries, author Gerald Everett JonesĀ rantsĀ on the topic of male-centered comic fiction.


“Gerald Jones takes puerile to new levels. Just when you thought Rollo was deepening into a rich and thoughtful character, he reminds us exactly what he’s made of. “Rubber Babes” is a clever, hysterical, and fun romp which you can read fast, and enjoy secretly. Just don’t tell your feminist friends.” — Magdalena Ball, The Compulsive Reader

“Rollicking Rollo is back in action! He’s a walking, talking warning about the pitfalls of being a genius. As you follow his merry way into and out of absurdity, you will find yourself looking in a mirror. Learn from Rollo–the only fun teacher of life lessons you will ever meet.” — Tom Page, author of The Hephaestus Plague

“This is a very funny book by a skilled and confident author. The further adventures of Rollo Hemphill are a welcome respite from the real world but one definitely gets the impression that Jones is making a lot of it up.” — Morrie Ruvinsky, novelist/screenwriter/film director

“Woody Allen meets Nick Hornby in this hilarious beach read. Gerald Everett Jones, who is every bit as clever as Larry David (and has more hair!), has created a witty, literate George Costanza for us to savor. NBC, are you paying attention?” — Paula Berinstein, producer and host of The Writing Show podcast,

Series: Misadventures of Rollo Hemphill, Book 2
Genres: Fiction, Humor, Satire
Tags: humor, satire
Publisher: LaPuerta Books and Media
Publication Year: 2008
ASIN: 0979486645
ISBN: 9780979486647
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