My Inflatable Friend (Rollo Hemphill #1)

My Inflatable Friend (Rollo Hemphill #1)

First in a series of comic misadventures by young man with more chutzpah than brains

The confessions of a young hacker turned slacker who devises a bizarre scheme to make his girlfriend jealous

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About the Book

A car jockey at a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, youthful hacker-turned-slacker Rollo Hemphill devises a screwball scheme for making his girlfriend jealous. Through a silly but magical ruse, our hero gets everything he’s ever dreamed about – except the real love of a real, live girl. My Inflatable Friend is a witty, cautionary tale about the perils of pretending to be someone you’re not – and the hazards of stroking every male’s most private and vulnerable part – his swelling ego.


“Being single and on the make is tough enough when you’ve had some experience, even if it ended badly. But seeing poor Rollo go splat, it hurts so good when I laugh!” — Tom Blake, syndicated columnist, “Single Again,” Orange County Register

“Fast, funny, and sufficiently out there to be banned in Pasadena. Check with your doctor before reading.” — Peter Lefcourt, author of The Woody and The Manhattan Beach Project

“Rollo Hemphill’s confessions take us on an improbably hilarious romp that will have you guessing what bizarre twist is coming next. Very funny stuff.” — Gavin Sinclair a.k.a. Augustus Gump, author of The Management Secrets of T. John Dick

“Should be read aloud before large groups for maximum effect. Do not invite your wife or girlfriend.” — Marvin J. Wolf, co-writer, Ladies’ Night, USA Networks

“Straddles the line between outright drawing-room silliness and romantic comedy…. You may root for the charmingly dense Rollo.” — Kirkus

Series: Misadventures of Rollo Hemphill, Book 1
Genres: Fiction, Humor, Satire
Tags: humor, satire
Publisher: LaPuerta Books and Media
Publication Year: 2007
ASIN: 0979486610
ISBN: 9780979486616
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