Christmas Karma

Christmas Karma

What if old stuff came knocking right before the holidays?

Christmas Karma is author Gerald Everett Jones's homage to Anne Tyler, whom he regards as his literary mother. It's about the travails of a dysfunctional family around the holidays, narrated by an angel who has a wicked sense of humor.

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About the Book

Main character Willa Nawicki is bewildered by a series of curious karmic events that literally ring her doorbell during the frantic season, awakening years-old resentments and stimulating ever-more-intense personal confrontations. These bizarre visitations include a grizzled old man claiming to be her father, who has been missing for some thirty years but now says the title to the family home is in his name – and now he wants the place back. As the angel observes, “The surest way to invoke the laughter of the universe is to make plans, particularly devious ones.”

From the Author

I wrote Christmas Karma after I’d gone through a series of personal losses. I think in those situations everyone experiences a whole spectrum of emotions, from bewilderment, to anger, and even at times some relief that your dear one’s suffering is over. And then I thought about how, if the soul is truly immortal – and, if so, it can’t ever be hurt, harmed, or endangered – wouldn’t it have a sense of humor?

You don’t need to have any particular brand of religious faith – or any at all – to enjoy this book. Most of all, please don’t take any of it too seriously.¬†And if you post reviews – and I hope you will – please hold back the spoilers! If the sometimes bewildering plot twists entertained you, you’ll understand why it wouldn’t be, ah, good karma to give the game away.

And thanks for reading Christmas Karma. May it bring you some welcome tears and laughter.


“This homage to Anne Tyler is a Christmas parable for the rest of us – whether faithful, backsliders, slackers, or just I-don’t-knowists.” – Thomas Page, author of The Man Who Would Not Die

“A fun yet thoughtful story with quirky characters, twists and turns of plot, philosophical musings that fit perfectly against the action, and resolutions that may or may not be karmic…who’s to tell? A good read for Christmas, any holiday that brings families together, or actually, any other time at all.” – Pamela Jaye Smith, author of Show Me the Love! All Kinds of Love for All Kinds of Stories

“All of life’s lessons should be so funny and entertaining. If you don’t believe in angels or ghosts, just think of it all as ‘magical reality.'” – Marilyn Anderson, author of Never Kiss a Frog: A Girl’s Guide to Creatures from the Dating Swamp and How to Beat a Bully (the book and the movie)

“A funny, charming and unexpected tale of holiday dysfunction at its best. A Christmas treat all wrapped up in cactus, Southern California style. You never know who will ring the doorbell next at Willa’s house, but you know they bring a touch of magic.” Lian Dolan, bestseller author of Helen of Pasadena

Genres: Fiction, Humor
Tags: family, melodrama, relationships
Publisher: LaPuerta Books and Media
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9780985622763
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