Choke Hold: An Eli Wolff Thriller

Choke Hold: An Eli Wolff Thriller

He was murdered by the cops in his own home for the crime of talking back.

Cynical personal-injury attorney Eli Wolff rediscovers his idealism for simple justice when he sues the city for the wrongful death of an unarmed African-American man at the hands of two police officers. Hank Ellis was killed in his own home, choked to death, after the angry officers stormed in without a warrant, anxious to teach him a lesson for dissing them in front of his neighbors.

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About the Book

The guilty parties probably think you care more about entertainment than justice. But no one will make you write Congress about it. The author suggests in the Epilogue that holding mandatory public inquests in these cases might disclose evidence and encourage dialogue before some angry mob decides that setting fire to their neighborhood is the only way to get their side of the story told.

Genre: crime fiction
Tags: courtroom drama, crime fiction, inquest, legal thriller, police story, wrongful death
Publisher: LaPuerta Books and Media
Publication Year: 2017
ISBN: 0996543848
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